Pause Meditation —

I partnered with Pause Meditation for their initial launch campaign to design an identity for the brand.

*concept work

Brand Identity
Art Direction

About the Project

Pause Meditation is a newly built mindfulness center based in the Upper East Side neighborhood of NYC. Their approach is simple: straightforward science-based courses to introduce and fortify mindfulness as a practice for their community.

Visualizing Pause

The client was keen on avoiding typical cliches found in wellness branding, focusing their marketing towards a demographic interested in a more science-based approach to mindfulness. 

The Path to Peace

The visual language of the brand alludes to their methodical approach in the course offerings and brand ethos through breaking the gradients down step-by-step. Like the visual language, Pause’s process transforms their audience.

A color palette of different hues of cool blues and purples is meant to inspire a grounded and calming sensation to the audience.